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Divine Polarity

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In order to manifest and reveal itself, the One has to divide itself. The One cannot create, for in unity there is no reciprocity. In becoming polarized, therefore, the One/God/Source projected itself outside of itself and from these two poles the universe was born. God, in other words, is a projection of the creation itself. Positive and negative poles are mutually attractive and it is this mechanism of reciprocal action and reaction that originates and sustains the movement of life.

It is not that ‘positive’ implies something good and constructive or that ‘negative’ denotes something bad and destructive. We have to remember that these terms belong primarily to the vocabulary of the physical sciences which deal with the two great forces of nature, electricity and magnetism.

Both these forces are polarized. Both are positive and negative, emissive and receptive. An electrical connection and a magnet both have two poles. When we borrow these terms from the plane of natural physical forces and apply them to the psychic and spiritual planes, we see their positive, emissive properties as belonging to the masculine principle, and their negative or receptive properties as belonging to the feminine principle.

One penetrates the Zero in order to animate it and set it in motion. This notion is also expressed by the symbol of the dot in the centre of a circle. The wind or spirit of God is the masculine principle which hovers over matter – symbolized by the waters – in order to fertilize it. Water, feminine principle is the circle, and the spirit of God is the dot, the One.

Unless it is animated by the spirit, matter remains formless and void. But when it is overshadowed and fashioned by the spirit, all the possibilities it contains begin to be manifested, and it becomes a universe, with suns, constellations and nebulae. Our universe, therefore, represents the Zero, matter which has been fashioned, animated, and organized by the spirit.

Everything we see in the universe is produced by the One and the Zero, by the One which penetrates and animates the Zero. It is a principle of mechanics that a piston must move within the cylinder in order to activate a motor. Without this movement nothing would work. And what is a wheel? A Zero, the circle, which rotates around a central axis, the One. A wheel demonstrates the work of the One within the Zero, the spirit that activates matter. And we find this mirrored in the fact that the earth itself has an axis, and in ceaseless rotation around this axis spins its mass, the Zero.

If it is difficult to get human beings to accept that the unseen world is a reality, it is because the organs that would enable them to perceive and comprehend that world are still not as highly developed as the sense organs of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste which put them in touch with the physical world.

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