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Meditation & Sound Healing Facilitator Training

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Next exact training dates are not set yet.

Please contact if you are interested, or for any inquiries/questions.

Meditation and Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls Facilitator Training is designed to deepen your meditation practice and to increase the connection to your intuition, enabling the Healer Within to come into service. The introductory training is designed as a healing journey both for self-inquiry and also for passionate and humble sound healers to be. After completion of the training followed by a certain apprenticeship period, you will be able to offer group and one-to-one sound healing sessions with Tibetan Bowls with a meditative approach. The course covers:

  • Experiential exercises to deepen the understanding of chakras,

  • Introductory approach to emotions, etheric body and energy healing,

  • Working with limiting beliefs and activating the heart center,

  • Connecting to our own voice through Nada (Sound) Yoga practices,

  • Introduction to the bowls and connecting to the intuition,

  • Power of intention and remembering the shamanic quality within,

  • Playing the bowls for a group sound healing session,

  • Structuring group sessions with different topics,

  • Qualities of a Facilitator and holding safe space,

  • Fundamentals of giving a one-to-one sound healing session,

  • Learning and practicing individual sound healing session.



Part I

The training starts with interactive meditative practices helping the participants to connect to their body and emotions with an intention to strengthen and balance the root, sacral and manipura chakras, providing a healthy base for an embodied sound healing training. Throughout the process, the students will be encouraged to implement and further develop different techniques to realize and eliminate limiting beliefs and to develop willpower. Further meditative practices will be guided and thought to activate the heart center and throat chakra.


Part II

The training continues with learning to share and receive from heart space, shamanic and intuitive healing practices, connecting to the bowls and sensing the vibrations, cleaning the space and auras with singing bowls, structuring and practicing a group sound healing session, connecting to the field and needs of the group, working with different topics via selected exercises, setting-up and holding space as a qualified facilitator and practicing how to play singing bowls.

Part III

Last part of the training consists of briefing about the benefits of sound healing and how it works, a detailed demonstration of giving a one-to-one sound healing session, and practicing exchange sessions.



Structure and Schedule: A non-residential 3-days (20 hrs) training giving enough time to rest, integrate and enjoy the magical crystal island, Koh Phangan. Morning hours: 9:30 – 12:30 Afternoon hours: 14:00 – 17:30

Capacity is limited to maximum 8 participants to ensure a deep experience. 


Price: Early-bird 290 Euro (10.500 Baht), Regular 330 Euro (12.000 Baht), Covid-price 250 Euro (9.000 Baht)

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