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7 Laws of the Universe

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Crown Chakra – Mentalism

Mentalism is the first law of the whole universe and it`s the one that creates everything else. It says, what you live is what you believe. Everything that you experience is what you are thinking. What you think, you become.

Mind is not a tool to think I want this. Mind is what you need to become. Mind is your vibration, what you are. When you need or want to have something or become something, you always think in future. That`s why the universe never brings you what you think in future, because future doesn`t exist. Mentalism brings/gives you what you think you are, not what you think you want to be.

The spirit knows that it`s a being that is trying to learn from itself. That`s why we are not perfect. We need to be different from each other to see different perspectives. That`s why, the reality is not perfect. The perfection of the reality is its imperfection. 

3rd Eye – Correspondence

Correspondence is, you are outside what you are within. Everything that is outside is created within, and everything within will create the outside. Everything is in correspondence outside and within. The energy you create while on earth (below) automatically projects upwards (above) which is then returned to you (As above, so below). You create energy with your emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires and impulses. 

The mentalism created the body and this reality to see and experience itself, and correspondence helps us to see those realities and to see the mirrors of the distortion. So nothing happens just because it happens outside. Everything comes from within, from the mind. Once you have seen this correspondence in the universe, then you realize that everything is connected by vibration.

Throat Chakra - Vibration

Everything is connected through the waves of vibration. ‘The whole universe is in vibration’ and science has already confirmed that everything in the universe, including you, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. The throat chakra makes the vibration and that the sound of vibration is the one that creates all these waves that helps to create all the correspondence in the universe.

If you do a low vibration, everything that is coming to you, will be in low vibration.  
If you make high vibration, everything that is coming to you is high vibration. What you say, is what you are going to create. The word is the one that creates. It`s the waves of vibration which creates the correspondence of the universe. How you say things, which way and with which intention you pronounce the words, is coming back to you by correspondence. 

Heart Chakra - Rhythm of the Heart  

The rhythm is the heart chakra. It teaches you that everything in the universe has a time to do something. Everything in the universe, the earth and your life are effected by cycles which continue to repeat themselves until you reach an understanding as to what these cycles are trying to show you. High vibration, low vibration, positive, negative, outside, within; all of them create the vibration of the universe, All-That-Is.

There`s different rhythms in creation and rhythms are connected to time. I
f your vibration is very low, the time will be very long. So you have to first change your vibration, change the way you talk, change the way you think, so then the rhythm will start to beat in a different level of vibration. You will essentially be raising your vibration higher and higher until you can manifest the reality you desire with relative ease. That`s why rhythm and vibration are very together, and it`s to express what you feel, what you are.

Solar Plexus – Cause & Effect 

Your vibration and your rhythm is conditioning everything that is happening in your life. If you have a low vibration, everything you do will come back to you as a low vibration. So whatever you do in the universe, will come back to you as an effect of what you`ve caused. ‘As above, so below, as within, so without’. This is the nature of the power of your mind. By selecting which thoughts you will project, and by choosing which feelings reinforce those thoughts, you determine your reality. As you will attract the same energy of the thoughts and emotions you choose to express. 

This is the law of responsibility. It`s common for us humans to blame others for the things that happen to us. It is normal because we are thought that there`s good and bad. We think when bad things happen to us, it`s because of bad people. If something happens to you in a bad way, it`s actually because you had to learn something. So you have to change the way you think and your vibration to be able to change the rhythm, in order to change effects of your cause. 

Sacral Chakra – Polarity 

Polarity is the law of creation. Everything has a polarity. Everything has a positive and negative. Every thing that creates us is magnetic. We are positive and negative energy of electrons, protons, neutrons that has its own way of energy, this creates the chains of dna, the chains of the patterns on the molecular system that creates our reality. So positive and negative is something that makes us exist, It is not something that makes us apart. It helps us to go from one point to another. 

When you understand that, you will see good and bad as a way to go forward toward and as a way to evolve. Because the only way you can have strength to go up is if you go down to take the energy to jump. You cannot jump higher if you don`t first bend yourself, so you can take the energy to go up.  The negative polarity helps you to go up, and the positive must go down in order to gain more energy to go up again. That`s why polarity helps you to go forward in the evolution path and it helps you to create new energies. We have to realize everything that fights against us is just giving us another perspective of who we are, so we can have this new energy to create new reality transcendental from what we are.

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Root Chakra – Generation

Last law is connected to root chakra and it is the generation. Generation means that everything is generated in the universe by the energy of polarity. Positive and negative, feminine and masculine, polarity is creating realities. 

Everything is generated in the universe. There`s nothing just being destroyed, everything is destroyed to be created again. Generation is the meaning that everything in the universe is being born once and again, and once and again. It never dies, it just transforms itself. We are all the time creating new realities at every second.

We exist as an idea, the Self, which represents mentalism. Our minds are able to process information only through duality as positive and negative. Yet this idea of the Self, has love to be expressed and has wisdom to understand who it is, who it was and who it will be.

Our emotions help us to understand and make sense of our life experiences. While the universe is expanding itself, our personality is a tool that our soul needs to play a role in this play. Darkness create the surrounding in the play, so we can find ourselves in the mirror of everyone and everything around us. The darkness pushes so the real potential within to come out.

Our souls again and again choose to experience and learn through this path and in this form of existence on Earth to understand itself, the idea. Our bodies are manifested through this idea of Self in this 3rd dimension that is conditioned by time and space. This allows our being to understand itself through many perspectives of time. In time we live and die and if we are going to die, we do not need to make an effort to survive, we just have to live.


Source: Matías De Stefano

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