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Meditation & The Mind


Meditation is a pathway to self-realization, a moment-to-moment relaxation experience by allowing and witnessing the natural flow of the breath, and while bringing awareness to the present thoughts, sensations and emotions. As we cultivate the habbit of objective and neutral witnessing, it gradually starts to become our guide, leading us towards a more fulfilling and relaxed life. 

Meditation offers us a kind invitation to discover our potential by the light of awareness. To befriend our minds and shadows, we must first learn and recognize how they operate. Often, our minds wander between the past (what we want to change) and the future (what we want to control). Meditation, however, liberates the mind by anchoring us in the present moment through cultivation of ease and trust, thereby opening up new possibilities from the quantum field

With the support of meditation, it is possible to safely elevate our unconscious—the imprints of our past experiences that often keep us in the past—to the level of unity consciousness. Meditation enables us to recognize that our automatic decisions and actions are typically constrained by our past experiences and are geared towards self-protection. Cultivating compassion for the difficulties we have faced, we can also learn to allow and release difficult emotions, shedding light on our darker aspects.

The newfound mental clarity attained through meditation allows us to live in the present moment objectively and non-judgmentally, freeing us from worrisome and instinctive behaviors driven by habits, fears, and conditionings. This transformation is usually gifting us the willpower and new habits needed to break free from the cycle of reactivity, extending the awareness cultivated through daily meditation practice to our entire lives. Consequently, our inner guide, once bound by worry and fear, gains flexibility to embrace the new and spontaneous.

Recognizing that our thoughts and actions impact our health, relationships, choices, and the world itself, meditation empowers us to lead a more balanced life. By liberating our minds from unhealthy thought patterns, we allow our bodies to function at their highest level of intelligence.

Scientifically proven health benefits of meditation include improved focus and concentration, heightened self-awareness and self-esteem, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and the cultivation of kindness. Meditation also enhances tolerance for pain, inner strength, and willpower


Interview about Stress Management, Meditation & Sound Healing

by Luca Sonzogni, founder of Smiley Retreat in Koh Phagan, Thailand, 2020

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