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Meditation & The Mind


Meditation is a relaxation practice by allowing & bringing awareness to the present thoughts, sensations and emotions with the help of the breath. It is not an act of doing such as in an exercise, but rather an passive state of observation and witnessing. When we are able to adopt this new habit of objective and neutral witnessing, it gradually starts to become our guide, leading us towards a more fulfilling and relaxed life. 

Meditation offers us a kind invitation to discover our potential by the light of awareness. In order to become friends with our mind, we first need to learn and recognize how it works. Our minds are usually wondering back and forth between the past and the future, whereas meditation frees the mind by building the ability to connect to the moment without any judgement which brings up new possibilities. 

With the support of meditation, it is possible to safely raise our unconscious (the marks of our life that ultimately keep us living in the past) to the level of unity consciousness. It helps us to see our automatic decisions and actions are usually limited by our past experiences and aimed to protect ourselves. Being able to feel compassion for the difficulties we had encountered, we can also learn to allow and let go difficult emotions while bringing light to our dark sides.

The new mind, having gained the capability through meditation to live the moment in an objective and non-judgmental way, starts to think worriless and creatively, whereas our old mind was acting instinctively on the basis of our habits, fears and conditionings The new mind endows us with the willpower and new habits that are required for escaping this vicious circle, transferring the awareness gained through the daily meditation practice to our entire life. This way our inner guide, which used to act on worry and fear, attains flexibility that can make room for the new and spontaneous.

Our thoughts and actions affect our health, relationships, choices and the world itself. The thoughts we generate and the actions we take with an alert mind, by help of meditation, enable us to live a more balanced life.  By freeing our mind, we both free ourselves of unhealthy thought patterns and also let our body function at its highest level of intelligence. 

The scientifically proven health benefits of meditation include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and fostering kindness. Meditation also helps to improve tolerance for pain, inner strength and willpower.


Interview about Stress Management, Meditation & Sound Healing

by Luca Sonzogni, founder of Smiley Retreat in Koh Phagan, Thailand

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