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Time & Space

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Everything you perceive in the world is a result of a reaction in your senses. In other words, for your senses, nothing exists externally until you interpret it internally through the connections made in the brain. If your brain generates a reaction, your senses will be the ones interpreting that idea in the present. Therefore, the past is just a concept. You divide time into a sacred trinity that you call Past, Present, and Future. However, this trinity is conceptual; it describes three aspects of a space: the expressed, the experienced, and the projected—a sacred trinity of space known as Height, Width, and Depth. This is how you understand that the three times and three spaces are nothing more than two forces stretching the same object, forcing it to transform.

According to human vision, life is perceived through time, and everything you do is related to it—seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, solstices, equinoxes, and years—all calculated by the movement of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the changes in climate. However, it is not the sky that moves, but the Earth. Thus, what you consider the 'passage of time' is based on the concept that things move across the sky to measure moments. However, since the Earth does not move in this context, the only thing determining time is your perception of the movement of something that is essentially static.

Old age and the deterioration of a body are not solely due to the passage of time but to the expansion of its cells. The division of cells begins to be exhausted, losing the ability to multiply, leading to death. In reality, time never passes; it just happens that the cells stop multiplying. Days and nights do not mark the passage of real time but rather demonstrate the Earth's rotation process. The changing seasons are not a consequence of time but result from the movement of the planetary axis in its periods of translation and precession. Hours are calculated based on the light that affects a territory during the Earth's rotation process. As you can see, all the concepts of time that you may have depend absolutely on the ability of space to move. They are just ideas, ways of naming the physical processes that occur.

Space is nothing more than the harmonic or distorted interaction of vibrations that generate energy. In turn, this energy gives rise to particles that arrange themselves in a coherent way to conserve energy. Essentially, space is the distorted expansion of a pulse. Both space and time are summarized as two elastic concepts that expand the universal mind to experience processes.

The paradox of this duality lies in the fact that the only reason why matter expands is the need to undergo a process. Therefore, in a certain way, time originates space. Time equals nothing, it is the creative matrix network that projects ideas, thoughts, and plans, where everything is possible. From this awareness, the vibration that unites thoughts arises, giving rise to the creation of space. Space is directly related to time because it is its creator. Time is the inner world that projects the outer world, ultimately becoming space.

The Universe is a Circle that becomes a Point, and a Point that becomes a Circle. This observation is the only real thing, as the observed and the observer are the two polarized extremes of an expression. This observation, that void, that single mind, then, inhabits all possible spaces while remaining fixed and experiences all possible processes without needing to move.

"Here" is the idea of the Universe that summarizes all existing places, and "Now" is the concept of the Universe that summarizes all possible moments. This idea posits that what is pure is invisible to the eye, that things are composed of immeasurable existences, and therefore, they cannot be dimensioned, only multidimensional. Thus, you understand that Here and Now remind you that you are only the flexible mind of the Cosmos, stretching and twisting its ropes. Yet, all of them are within you, and all your history—past, present, and future—coexists in some way within you, just as all the spaces you have occupied in your existence.

Source: Matías De Stefano

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