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"Sarasai is an incredibly supportive and loving presence. She created a beautiful space for the sound healing training I attended, and we learned as much as from her reverence for the singing bowls as from her words. She sets a beautiful example for all healers. It`s easy to relax and trust with her, as she also cares deeply about your experience. Thank you Sarasai for a wonderful training."

 - Rachel Humlin, Product Manager. U.S.A.

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"I enjoyed the sound healing training with Sarasai a lot. She loves what she does and in the workshop, you can really feel that she wants to bring the healing power of singing bowls into the world. She is able to create a safe, loving space that you can fully relax into the experience. Thank you for this opportunity to dive deep into the magic of singing bowls."

 - Anja Schmidt-Amelung, Start-up Consultant & Brand Manager, Germany


"The individual sound therapy session I received from Sarasai elicited an incredibly effective release and purification as well as a deep spiritual tranquility that made me forgive myself. Still now I feel embraced by this peacefulness and the indescribable love of an infinite divine power. I would very much like all my close friends to live this invaluable experience in their own way. I wish that this magnificent light you brought into my life shall be reflected to you as a source of healing, dear Müge. I am very thankful. You are unique and truly precious. I am so grateful for this experience and your existence."

 - Gülçin Tamo, Doctor, Turkey


"As someone who had never before participated in any meditation or sound therapy, the Tibetan Singing Bowls took me on a tranquil journey with myself that was beyond my imagination. To be honest, I had never thought it could be this effective. I invite everybody searching for peace, serenity, and tranquility in their inner lives, but not able to achieve this, to get to know Sarasai’s Tibetan Singing Bowls. Just let yourself go..."

 - Berke Balaban, Petrolium Engineer, Turkey


"Sarasai is a sensitive, attuned and gifted healer spiritually adept at leading her client into a deep experience in vibrations personal awareness. My experience with Tibetan Bowls during the session felt almost magical. Between the vibration, the effects were profound, I felt both relaxed and more joyful. The sounds of the bowls were uplifting and the feeling of the vibration of the bowls on my body was healing. If you are interested in discovering the transformative power of sound healing with Tibetan Bowls, I highly recommend  that you have a session with Sarasai." 

 - Amithaba İlkgün, Food Engineer, Turkey


"After I've received the sound therapy session, I was literally flying. I felt relaxed and outstretched as after a relaxing massage, but even deeper in areas of my body that usually I struggle to relax, like my neck and shoulders! The powerful sound of the Tibetan bowls goes very deep and Sarasai is an incredible therapist, both connected and soft."

- Luca Nirmal Bonarda, Massage Therapist, Italy

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